Barcode registration is an optional service offered Free of charge on barcode numbers purchased from us or any other IBN member website/organization. Principally this involves recording product information through its assigned barcode number on the major internet databases. All registered barcode numbers have the benefit of growing a product’s internet profile as well as ensuring security from others who intend to use your barcode numbers illegally.

Barcode registration will enable your product’s information to appear and/or display when scanned using smartphone app scanners like Red Laser and Zebra etc.

Upon receiving a barcode registration order customers are usually requested to provide barcode ownership proof in the form of a certificate or receipt before their barcode number is actually activated for registration on the International Barcodes Database.

To register your barcode, please place order down below:

  • Barcode Registration

    With Barcode registration we will register your barcode and product information on the International Barcodes Database. Once we receive an order for this, we will contact you to request proof of your barcode ownership – we will then tell you how to register your barcode on that database.

    Note – this is included in our barcode packages, therefore, it should only be purchased if you have bought barcodes through another company or a barcode outside of a barcode package through us.

    Price per Barcode
    1 + MWK 7550 each
    5 + MWK 6795 each
    10 + MWK 6000 each
    20 + Please contact us


    Note – All prices are in MWK

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