Barcodes Malawi operates as an agent of the New Zealand origin International Barcodes Limited. As an agency we are set to support Malawi’s small and medium enterprises reach better markets through its provision of genuine, low cost and high quality digital barcodes for retail products at a one-off price.

As an authorized member of the International Barcodes Network (IBN), Barcodes Malawi is more than dedicated to offer transcendent consultative barcode answers to all its native clients at any time during business hours.

Whilst it is more convenient and perfectly manageable to complete all your barcode purchasing process using our e-commerce function, we alternatively do allow customers to physically meet our team within Lilongwe where they can be given more clarity on all barcode information.

Managed by a team of talented personnel, Barcodes Malawi office strives to the highest of its potential in maintaining the premium, professional and accurate service standard to both its current and prospective customers.

For more details, kindly write to [email protected] or phone +265 995 063 490

General Manager, Ernest Mlongoti