As an authorized member of the International Barcodes Network, Barcodes Malawi is more than dedicated to offer transcendent consultative barcode solutions to all its native clients at any time during business hours. Our barcode services are strictly for local Malawian enterprises.

Our Barcodes not GS1?

It is a common misconception among many uninformed customers to think that the only way they can obtain valid and genuine barcodes for their products is through GS1. To be clear, the barcodes that we trade are completely legitimate and valid.
If they were not, we’d face continual legal challenges, which we don’t.
However, the barcodes we trade predated and escaped regulation / monopolization by the largest international body, GS1. Learn more about our legitimacy here.

Whilst it is more convenient and perfectly manageable to complete all your barcode purchasing process using our e-commerce function, we alternatively do allow customers to physically meet our team within Lilongwe where they can be assisted with more clarity pertaining our products, services and all legitimacy issues.

Managed by a team of talented personnel, Barcodes Malawi office strives to the highest of its potential in maintaining premium, professional and accurate service standard to both its current and prospective customers.

Please feel free to contact us here.