We’ll briefly take you through the core features incorporated within our Auto-track software and how it is all designed to function upon complete installation.

Our Auto-track software is available in two main editions:

Auto-track Professional and Auto-track Enterprise. 

The two have all similar features and functionality with only one difference:

  •  Auto-track Professional supports Barcode only
  • Auto-track Enterprise is both RFID and Barcode compatible
Core Features
  • Built in report designing
  • Multi user environment
  • Accessible from any place via internet
  • Able to be host in-the-cloud 
  • Able to be host in-house
Modules available 
  • Asset Master
  • Asset Loan
  • Asset Return
  • Asset Transfer
  • Asset Write Off
  • Asset Adjustment
  • Email notification
  • Standard Report
  • User Define Report