Introduction to Asset tracking

You will learn about Auto-track asset tracking software and how it has revolutionized the old, inefficient, and exhausting manual systems for managing physical assets.

We featured some introductory essential term definitions from that you may better understand what this concept is all about for those who are new to asset tracking and its integrated software technology.

What is Asset Tracking?

According to Wikipedia:  they defined asset tracking as “the method of tracking physical assets, either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or using tags using GPSBLE or RFID which broadcast their location.”

As a tech-system that’s wholly centralized on tracking physical assets, asset tracking has multiple techniques through which a company can leverage and streamline its operational course.

The idea as to whether a company should adopt GPS, RFID, BLE, or other systems for managing physical assets, it is merely a matter of the nature of the business operation and the goals, and objectives set that determine which technique best suit one company from another. In conclusion, several factors can contribute to your better choice on which system to adopt.

The software uses barcode technology (and RFID if upgraded to our Auto-track Enterprise software Edition) as the pivot point in the tracking set up process.


Categories of assets you can track with our software

With this software, you can track almost every type of fixed assets, including:

  • Vehicles of any type
  • Medical devices
  • Construction tools
  • IT assets like laptops, PDAs, etc
  • Files / Documents
  • Furniture and all operational non-inventory items

Why implementing Auto-track?

  • it’s a Cloud-based solution – easy to access from any location
  • Provides access to real-time asset data (location, status, characteristics)
  • No time wasted on searching for missing property
  • It boosts output, eliminates inefficiency
  • Saves money on buying new objects as lost replacements
  • Flexible with different computer OS and hardware integrations

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