Barcodes Malawi is an internet brand operating and based in Malawi. The agency, managed by Ernest Mlongoti, has been authorized by the International Barcodes Network to distribute its GTINs within the territorial boundaries of Malawi.

It is more convenient and manageable for some customers to shop online, but we understand that there are others who prefer to meet with the manager personally. Therefore, we have a physical office in Area 3, Lilongwe, where customers can meet our staff, verify legitimacy issues, and clear up any questions.


Common Misconception

One of the most common misconceptions is that the only way to get barcodes for products is through GS1. To be clear, the barcodes we sell are 100% authentic and legally obtained. If they were not, we would be up against constant legal issues, which we don’t.

However, the barcodes we trade predated and escaped regulation/monopolization by the most extensive international body, GS1. Learn more about our legitimacy here.


At Barcodes Malawi, we strive to the utmost of our ability to provide professional, accurate, and premium service standards.
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